Amalthea aims to invest in companies that have an existing track record and are currently in need of capital infusion to scale-up operations, seek strategic and financial support, add or diversify into new product lines, and expand their foot-prints to newer geographies.

Investment Criteria

Every investment opportunity is judged by its own merits, however, the sweet spot for us is 

Criteria Characteristics
Revenue $0.5 million to $10 million
Current Funding Bootstrapped
Sector Orientation Agnostic
Locational Preference Global

Investment Guidelines

Our investment committee works around the following guidelines to spot business synergies – 

A. Opportunity to Accelerate Growth

We aim to invest in companies where we can also bring in management strategy, strong industry connections, assist in business financial management, creating a solid growth story and to enable them to succeed and sustain their growth.

B. Understand and Align

We carefully evaluate each business opportunity by adopting a robust and disciplined due-diligence process. We go an extra mile to understand the uniqueness of your business model and its alignment to our capabilities. Once aligned, we progress towards jointly preparing strategic, tactical and operational plans to meet the agreed upon objectives.

C. Unique Approach

Every business idea is unique. We do not take a ‘One-size-fits-all’ approach, but create an investment approach, which accentuates the uniqueness. We encourage entrepreneurs to craft their business strategy and a funds deployment plan. Putting our own weight behind, we help you realise your vision with a joint resource pool.

We Are Looking For

Our team looks for all or some of these characteristics, as these bring the potential investee in close alignment for synergistic value creation.

  • Robust business model with a potential for rapid growth
  • Addressable growing market with a possibility of regional and international expansion
  • Sustainable competitive advantage through IPR
  • Opportunities to lower the cost through strategic sourcing and back-office synergies across portfolio companies
  • Strong management team with an impeccable track record and business ethics

If you are an entrepreneur looking for an ideal partner to scale up your business, do get in touch with us.