‘Amalthea (GreekἈμάλθεια), according to Greek mythology, was the foster-mother of Zeus – King of Gods (The Twelve Olympians) and ruler of Mount Olympus. Amalthea (Greek for ‘tender goddess’) saved the life of infant Zeus from his father Cronus, the leader of the first generation of Titans, and nurtured him into a powerful king’

Amalthea Capital, a privately held enterprise, invests transformational capital in promising early-mid stage companies across multiple domains and geographies. As a guiding principle, we align our interests with our investee management teams, nurture their entrepreneurial spirit by leveraging the expertise of our team following a patient and disciplined approach thereby creating a long-term value for stakeholders.

We invest in businesses with unrealised potential, competent technical teams and highly scalable business models. With a long-term commitment, we bring the financial resources, strategic guidance and deep operational expertise to scale the businesses to a position of leadership.

Our team evaluates each business on its own merits, resisting the temptation to mark you to one of the pre-defined categories. This lets us take an unbiased view of the business model, appreciate the uniqueness of your business model and channelize resources towards your accelerated growth.

We believe that our in-house capabilities serve as a point of differentiation in the angel and growth capital space –

  • A successful entrepreneurial track-record of promoters
  • Expertise across multiple domains and geographies
  • Well-networked and capable advisory board
  • Access to Global Angel Networks including growth markets like India, Brazil, China, the US, UK etc.
  • A common strategic vision, with interests perfectly aligned for a long-term play